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What makes a Hobby greenhouse different than a commercial house?

The first and most obvious difference is use. Hobby greenhouses are typically for personal use and not for profit. Hobby houses are typically smaller and more varied in construction than commercial houses. I have seen everything from a cedar framed double poly glazed, with top of the line controls to a lean-to constructed out of salvage materials from the dump. Both were functioning and made the gardener very happy with the results.

There are a number of other differences between hobby and commercial greenhouses

  • Hobby greenhouses are for fun not profit.
  • The variety of plants grown in them is often greater.
  • More likely attached to another structure

Another important difference is many hobby greenhouses often have inadequate or completely missing heat or ventilation (cooling) systems. Often these are sunrooms marketed as greenhouses. While this important equipment raises the cost of your greenhouse, correct environmental control can be the difference between a greenhouse used to grow prize winning plants and one used to store the wheelbarrow.

Building a hobby greenhouseInterested in getting your own Hobby Greenhouse? Click here for some tips.


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