If I could do it again....
Have you ever finished a big project and said; "It's great but...." or "I wish I had know...." well read these stories about building new hobby greenhouses maybe you will get some ideas.

Water and Lights
I would put water at both ends of the greenhouse; we didn't think about it at the time of construction, but it would be an added convenience, and would not have required all that much additional plumbing at the time of construction. Also, in retrospect I would install all floruscent lighting. At the time of construction my husband suggested it to the person in charge (who was supposed to know more than we did about the project; now I wonder.... ;-) Anyway we installed conventional greenhouse lighting, but since have added one twelve foot floruscent tube over my potting bench. It makes so much more light when I am there working/playing at night that I know ALL floruscent lighting would have been a good thing. Of course we can change the lights if ever we decide too.
Patsy in Tennessee

The plan says what??
This season I built the greenhouse depicted in this plan
The first thing I learned is that all plans are flawed. These flaws are of three types;
  1. material availability,
  2. design
  3. your budget (or spouse) says "no way!".

I don't think the designers of these plans do it on purpose, but materials, their availability, and quality vary from place to place. You are going to have to "fudge" along the way, and find creative solutions to the materials problems posed by any plan. There also will be things that you just don't want to pay full price on, and will substitute cheaper materials. With some forethought this can be done, and although not optimal, will work just as well. This will cut down the number of times your spouse says "You paid how MUCH, for WHAT?".
Read how Tom found creative solutions during the building of his greenhouse.
I am really enjoying my hobby greenhouse. Happy gardening, Tom -- Ontario, Canada

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